I was born in 1981 in Seville, Spain.


In my painting, I use the Nature and the music as an emotion. My work is my artistic vision of  this world. For me, represent our dreams, what we want to  achieve, the future. Also, our existence.


Our emotions are profoundly tied to musical sounds, while we also have a deeply rooted emotional connection with the nature.The music Of the natural world provided the foundation for crucial aspects of our human evolution, making our connections with both music and nature innate.


I am focusing my artistic development on the beautiful Nature and the music because both of them are conected. I´m Focusing on the hapiness of colour and that´s helps me in the creative process.


I have developed my artistic side in parallel with a successful career in  business management which makes me a unique artist. I have lived in several  cities including London, Frankfurt, Galicia, Cataluña, Almería, Huelva,Cadiz,  Sevilla, Ibiza,  and now Málaga



Siempre nos dicen: "Vive la vida al máximo". Eso es exactamente lo que intento hacer aquí. Proyectar mis pasiones y compartir con mis lectores todo aquello que me inspira en este mundo desenfrenado. Sólo siéntate, relájate y sigue disfrutando del arte.